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How to Choose the Best Floor Mattress for you Home

by Vicky

When it comes to sleeping, comfort plays an important role. You’re probably not getting good sleep if you lay on an uncomfortable bed. As a result, nap beds are becoming more popular because they offer comfort and portability. A more common type of nap bed is the floor mattress.

They come in several shapes and designs and are ideal to use for a quick nap indoors and outdoors. Yes, a good floor mattress can save you a lot of back pains when camping outdoors.

When buying a floor mattress, it’s not advisable to leave it all to chance and luck. Remember, your comfort should matter. So, when looking to buy a floor mattress, you may want to consider some of these factors.

What type of floor mattress do you want?

Yes, that’s right! There’s not just one option for a floor mattress. In relation to ease of storage, there are two major types of floor mattresses — folded or rolled mattresses. Folded mattresses come with creases that allow for folding along the lines for easy stacking. They often come with two or three creases. On the other hand, rolled mattresses are designed to be rolled up for storage. They are thinner than a folded mattress to allow for ease of rolling.

The firmness of the floor mattress

A bed’s comfort has a lot to do with the degree of firmness of the foam material. Different individuals, too, have different firmness levels they feel comfortable in. People with back or bone-related problems are often advised to stick with firmer mattresses. They are people that also prefer softer mattresses to harder ones. But, again, it’s all a matter of preference.

Dimension of the floor mattress

The available floor space can help you decide what size or shape of floor mattress to settle for. The number of people that will use the mattress should also guide you in determining the appropriate size. Floor mattresses come in different sizes like other beds, so it should be easy to make a decision when you’re ready.

Cover material

Your choice of floor mattress type would go a long way to determine what the cover material will be. Folded mattresses have covers that are easily removable. This means that they can be washed and changed when there is a need for them. On the other hand, rolled mattresses seldom come with removable covers. So when choosing a rolled mattress, ensure the cover material is one that can easily be cleaned or does not absorb too much moisture.

Floor mattress budget

Since these floor mattresses come in different shapes and sizes, it should go without saying that the prices would also differ. However, when buying a floor mattress, make comfort the watchword. When it comes to beds and floor mattresses, an expensive option is not always going to be ideal. There can be cheaper options that suit your needs better than the expensive alternative.


A floor mattress is a good way to relax indoors and outdoors. They offer a good blend of comfort and portability since they can easily be stored away. When buying a floor mattress, it’s important to ensure you tick the boxes for all of these parameters.

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