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4 Things to Prioritize When Buying Wooden Dowels

by Vicky

A wooden dowel is a furniture fastener. It is a cylindrical piece of wood with longitudinal grooves. Have you ever seen the small wooden roles that fasten desks during assembling or manufacturing? Those are the wooden dowels, and they are effective pieces of wood you can depend on for furniture contraction. The dowels are common during the tables, cabinets, or bed assembly; you can get them in plenty at Alibaba, and they are available in different lengths and diameters. Wholesale wooden dowels are even cheaper than retail. But as you buy, there are some things to know.

What to consider when buying wooden dowels

Are you into the wood business, or your primary sector is assembling desks and cabinets? The two instances will require you to invest in quality wholesale wooden dowels. These dowels make your work and business productive because the final assembled product stands out firmly. This article discusses elements to consider when purchasing wholesale wooden dowels.

The application

The application is one of the top elements to prioritize when choosing wooden dowels. How you intend to use the wooden dowels will determine the qualities you ought to look out for. For instance, a wooden dowel used as a rope dispenser requires a specific thickness. Below are some of the most common applications of wooden dowels;

  • Making dispensers and organizers for twine spools and similar materials
  • Weighting textile bottoms
  • Assembling all types of furniture
  • Making ribbon racks
  • You can also use a wooden dowel as a roller or a woodworking joint
  • Workshop organizing or providing added shelf support
  • Hanging curtains and tool rehabilitation

The size

The size of the wooden dowel is also an element to consider. The perfect wooden dowel size will determine how you use it. One size will not fit all applications. The size of the wooden dowel will also determine its quality. Very thin dowels are often less durable as they can break more easily. The length also matters; if a wooden dowel is too long, it may not fit into some objects. Therefore, when choosing your wholesale wooden dowels, ensure it is the perfect size.


You may also want to consider customization when choosing your wooden dowels. A customizable wooden dowel would be perfect. A customizable wooden dowel should be large enough not to restrict you to any specific size. With customizable dowels, you can play around with the length and diameter to fit different applications. However, you can also get a custom-sized pin. This way, you do not have to do more work sizing and altering the dowels. Your choice will depend on the applications.

Type of wood

The type of wood used to make the dowels is also worth considering. There are different types of wood, like oak or birch wood; these materials vary in strength and quality. The nature of wood will also alter the cost. Go for what you need based on the project at hand.


Wholesale wooden dowels come at different prices. While wooden dowels are typically cheap, wholesale ones are even cheaper. You can be sure of excellent dowels when you buy from Alibaba. Make a purchase today.

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